Tips And Ideas To Get People Into Your Business

December 4, 2020 0 Comments

Running a business in the best of times can be a challenge.  With so many people biding for your attention and trying to get you to make a decision on a specific product or service we eventually just mentally shut down our brains and walk through life not paying attention to anything.  This is why it is important that we take our time and create some innovative ways to get people to come into your business.

open for business signs

The first and possibly the most basic way is to let people know you are open.  To do this simply put out open for business signs.  These signs are easy, small and state a specific point and purpose.  When people see this sign, they know you are open for business and if they are interested in your offers will come in.

Use primary colors

When it comes to getting people’s attention you want to stick to a primary color pallet.  When it comes to colors people think if they use odd colors or colors that are not typical that they will stan out and be noticed.  Well, the truth is that we tend to block out a lot of colors and only focus on the primary ones.  In fact, studies have shown that there are some colors that we are drawn to and others that we are repelled by as well.

This is why we have red, yellow and green for colors of stop lights.  This is why we use white as cool and calming colors and why black stands out in a pinch.  We use these colors along with others that drive the mind into a specific direction. 

Use images

Use images in your marketing.  When choosing images, don’t pick complex images.  You want to find simple images that depict what it is you want to portray and won’t make people wonder what it is or why you are using it.